NY Fold, Soho

Slice of pizza from NY Fold, Soho, London

Huge slice of pizza (£4.20)

I’m not a fan of NY Fold’s ‘pizza like it oughta be’ slogan, because anybody who’s sampled Italian(/American) pie from anywhere beyond the freezer aisle will know that there are a lot of ways a pizza can satisfy. It can be a necessarily greasy hangover saviour; it can be fast food for when you feel classier than McDonald’s; it can be a wholesome but unchallenging dinner; it can even be a gourmet treat, or at least it can try to be.

Pizza counter at Ny Fold, London So who’s to say whether it’s right that NY Fold’s crusts are fluffy and crusty like a finger baguette? And that the toppings are tasty enough that they’d pull off a guest appearance in the Harrods Food Hall? I sure can’t tell you that this is how it oughta be, but I can tell you that it tastes damn good, and could solve your problems in any of the scenarios listed above. Welcome to the capital, guys.

NY Fold
★★★★✰ £££
103 Charing Cross Rd, WC2H 0DT, 0207 287 6633


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