Five Guys, Covent Garden

We have more than enough excellent burgers in this town by now that you may well think it simply ain’t big enough for another, especially one that’s stormed over from the US in a blaze of queue-driven glory. But here are five reasons that you should abate your hate for Five Guys:

It’s like a good McDonald’s in all the ways you want it to be. McDonald’s is obviously delicious, and this version is all the better for the fact that the meat doesn’t have a dubious grey tinge.

The queue is just for show – they’ve got someone staggering our entry to make it look busier. Which frankly is hateful in itself, but at least you needn’t be put off by the wait.

Despite first appearances, it’s pretty good value. Order a ‘little’ burger – it’s plenty. And a regular fries (£4) is more fries than two people need, so if you can find someone to share with your meal will come in under £8, which ain’t so bad.

They serve beer! Result! And you can eat as many free monkey nuts as you like while your burger’s being stacked with whichever of the many free toppings on offer.

Speaking of those toppings… where else can you add pickles, mushrooms, grilled onions, jalapeno peppers and steak sauce (for instance) to a burger and not see it double your bill? NOWHERE ELSE.

Sure the burger’s a bit mushy and its toppings are a bit non-descript and it comes in foil as if it’s leftovers from a BBQ at your neighbours, but I liked it just fine, and I bet you will too.

Five Guys
★★★✰✰   £££
1-3 Long Acre, WC2E 9LH, 020 7240 2057


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