Sager + Wilde, Hackney

Cheddar and chorizo grilled cheese, Sager and Wilde

Cheddar and chorizo grilled cheese (£8)

I’m pretty ashamed about my visit to the lovely Sager + Wilde. We didn’t misbehave (though our enthusiastic gossiping did draw a few stern glances from Grace Dent, who was perched at the bar), but we also didn’t order any wine, which is poor form in a wine bar. But I was hungover and I needed a cheese toastie, so hopefully they’ll forgive me.

Luckily for me their menu is the most post-party friendly of any bar I have been to, and by the time a monstrous rain storm had given up and moved on I was cured. The aforementioned sandwich oozed its tangy cheddar over thinly sliced chorizo, with crisply toasted fresh bread providing a firm bite. We also munched our way through some excellent plump green olives, a very generous meat board and an interesting cheese board. Oops.

No need to order wine at this wine bar, then, though I expect they’d rather you did.

Sager + Wilde
★★★★✰   £££
193 Hackney Road, E2 8JL, 0208 127 7330


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