The Drapers Arms, Islington

Pimped burger with lasagne at the Draper's Arms

Pimped burger with fried lasagne (£14.50)

Knowing first hand how precious Italians are about their food, I might start waving this photograph in their faces and filming their reactions, for I’m damn sure that lasagne was never supposed to go anywhere near a burger patty. And I’m also damn glad The Drapers Arms went there. In a trend-bucking triumph that not many classy gastropubs could pull off, this calm and collected kitchen stuffed a slice of fried pasta bake in their already very tasty cheeseburger stack for this edition of their ‘Pimped Burger’, a Saturday regular which costs more but means a £1 donation to Action Against Hunger.

Lamb rump and butter beans form the Drapers Arms, Islington, London

Lamb rump, butter beans, mint and gooseberry (£15.50)

Of course it was great. How could it not be? That’s a triple carbohydrate meal right there. The lamb rump was also lovely, the meat still pink and soft in the middle despite its gently crisp edges. Gently garlicky plump butterbeans dressed in a sweet mint sauce made a wonderful base for it, too. The room’s calm atmosphere, understated and efficient service and tall ceilings made for a very pleasant lunch spot. And if they can think of more incredible ways to use fried lasagne, I’ll be back.

The Drapers Arms
★★★★✰   £££
44 Barnsbury St, N1 1ER, 020 7619 0348


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