Bird of Smithfield Bar, Farringdon

Burger from Bird of Smithfield, London

Beef burger, smoked brisket and smoked cheese (£10)

What’s the good in serving delicious food if your staff are barely able to actually get it to you? Our meal in the downstairs bar of Bird of Smithfield was a masterclass in hapless service, all delivered with an exceptionally un-charming ‘not my fault’ attitude. Our order was forgotten, then delivered – well, most of it anyway – a hand-knawing 45 minutes after we’d asked for it with only a shrug and a ‘kitchen’s busy’ by way of apology. A salad followed eventually and a side of chips arrived so long after we’d finished everything else that I had assumed they had dropped off the ticket along the way. If we hadn’t been in the middle of doing a quiz and therefore suitably distracted I’d probably have walked out.

Unfortunately, the burger was excellent, but I wouldn’t recommend you go to try it yourself, as your hunger pangs will be more troubling than the meal is tasty.

Bird of Smithfield Bar
★★✰✰✰   £££
26 Smithfield St, EC1A 9LB, 020 7559 5100


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