Opera Tavern, Covent Garden

Mackerel tapas from Opera Tavern, London
There are loads of reasons for choosing a restaurant these days, most of which won’t even get you judged by your peers. It might be a new place serving the food trend you’re so nearly sick of but can’t quite part with. It may have a Twitter account that is funnier than Bill Bailey (HAI @Mangal2). It might be offering 50% off for a soft launch. Or it might hire front of house staff who are hotter than chip fat. The best reason though, obviously, is that you’ve heard the the food is absolutely wonderful, which is the reason that applies to Opera Tavern.

Salad at Opera Tavern, Covent Garden, London

Having been mainly disappointed by her younger sisters Dehesa and Ember Yard, I decided to revisit the place at which my love for the Salt Yard Group truly flourished. The décor is still charmingly rubbish, they’re still serving things on slates and the prices are high for the portion size, but it’s a lovely place to eat a meal. The staff know and care about the menu and the quality of the dishes is excellent, each one more exciting on plate than it sounded on paper.

Beef at Opera Tavern, Covent Garden, London

I forgot to take proper notes so am not even going to attempt to remember the ingredient combinations. Feel free to use the photos as a caption competition. If you do visit, ordering should be simple, as there’s next to no chance there’ll be a dish you should have avoided (though I still believe the courgette flowers are best in their original home, Salt Yard), but do remember the golden rule of eating at Opera Tavern: you need at least one Iberico pork and foie gras burger. Each.
Opera Tavern
★★★★✰ £££
23 Catherine St, WC2B 5JS, 020 7836 3680


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