Kome LA Street Food at The Star of Kings, King’s Cross

Kome London, beef bulgogi quesadillas

Bulgogi quesadillas (£7)

Korean food is the trend that has wormed its way into my everyday life more than any other. I always loved a burger and I’m still not as bothered about fried chicken, but two years ago I didn’t even know what kimchi was and now I’d probably choose it over bacon. I’d definitely choose it with bacon. Must try that. So the fact that muck of Kome’s ‘LA street food’ menu was laced with the terrifying red tangy cabbage made our pre-football dinner much more appealing. But tasty Korean toppings and relishes couldn’t make up for the disappointing bulk of the meal.

Beef burger, Kome, London

Beef burger with slaw, kimchi, cheese and crispy bacon with chips (£10)

A generous but overcooked and occasionally gristly beef burger in a dry brioche bun was rendered more than edible by some flavoursome sauces, crunchy slaw and cabbage but the anaemic chips tasted of so little that they can’t have been a potato for a good few processes. More salt would have helped, but even then I’d rather get my calories from more of the pub’s overpriced, bland ale. I had no beef with the taste of the quesadillas, but the problem there was they had no beef, or hardly any at least, and were verging on soggy where they’d been stacked for too long. And though I should be soft on them because of the darn World Cup taking over our drinking holes, I found the service unacceptably slow and apathetic. Next time I’ll pop home for a pre-match bacon and kimchi sandwich.

Kome at The Star of Kings
★★✰✰✰   £££
126 York Way, N1 OAX, 020 7278 9708


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