Sandwich from the Balthazar Boulangerie, Covent Garden

Salami and mozzarella sandwich, Balthazar, London

Salami, mozzarella and sundried tomato in potato and onion bread (£5.75)

I am a complete idiot for spending more than a fiver on a sandwich. For the same amount of money I could have bought 28 Freddos, even at their inflated price of 20p, with 5p change. But I really bloody love a posh sandwich, and I had faith that classy new York import Balthazar’s boulangerie could surely deliver me a truly delicious lunch. Sadly I’d rather have had the chocolate frogs. The potato and onion bread must have been wonderful fresh out of the oven, but its chewy exterior revealed that it hadn’t been in that state for many hours. The mozzarella and tomatoes had been leaking their juices into the middle of it for most of that time, too, creating an extra layer of slimy bread mush that did nothing to compliment anything. The fillings were good, but too skimpy. Most of them had been whored out to the edge of the roll as bait for deli-hungry lunchers and hung there limp and lonely, with not nearly enough character to fill a bread roll flavoured with the world’s most pungent vegetable. Balthazar’s breads far from rose to the challenge. Now, what else can I still buy for 20p?

Balthazar Boulangerie
★★✰✰✰   £££
4-6 Russell Street, WC2B 5HZ, 020 3301 1155


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