Le Péché Mignon, Highbury

Le Peche Mignon, Croque Monsieur, Highbury, Islington

Croque Monsieur (£5.50)

The best bits about crossing the channel as a child were the strips of sherbert-filled sweets you could buy on the ferry, Kinder bars, out-Frenching my mother while out shopping and croque-monsieurs. I have nothing but admiration for the Frenchman who decided that the cheese and ham toastie was lacking a little je ne sais quoi, and created the ultimate savoury dairy lovers’ sarnie by slathering it in bechamel and extra cheese and letting it all melt into one mighty layered snack tower under the grill. And in turn I have nothing but admiration for the Frenchman who decided that what the Highbury community really needed was a café that serves excellent croque-monsieurs, and opened Le Péché Mignon.

This is a very fine sandwich. The sort that turns the scowl of a morning grump into the skip of a weekend optimist. Its best feature is that the flavours all sort of merge into one anti-vegan superfood, leaving the textures of the soft, moist middle and crisp, salty edges to do the talking. The chicken and roasted pepper toastie we tried was dry, bland and all-round rubbish, but that doesn’t matter, because we would never be so foolish as to order anything other than the croque-monsieur ever again.

Le Péché Mignon
★★★★✰   £££
6 Ronalds Road, N5 1XH, 0207 607 1826


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