Bill or Beak at KERB

Bill sandwich from Bill or Beak at KERB

Bill (£6)

I now have so many KERB favourites that it’s getting very likely I’ll order two lunches next time I go, especially when they roll out newbies with this sort of menu. Bill or Beak serve a braised mix of duck and pork packed into soft brioche rolls in two very tempting variations. Beak involves Vietnamese-style dressing and tempura shallots, but there was no way I could ignore Bill’s buttermilk leeks and paprika sauce. The fresh bread did a great job of soaking up the extra sauces so that the meat ended up juicy rather than sloppy without losing a hint of the bold flavours. I’d have liked the leeks a bit softer, and the buttermilk’s tang drowned out the gentle gaminess of the duck a little, but this is a sandwich worth hunting down.

Bill or Beak
★★★★✰   £££
Often at KERB or check @BillorBeak on Twitter



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