Okonomiyaki from Sho Foo Doh

okonomiyaki, shofoodoh, sho foo doh

Pork belly okonomiyaki (£5)

It has too many syllables and interesting ingredients for Brits to accept it immediately, but I am pleased to report that okonomiyaki seems to be creeping into the London food vernacular, and these Japanese pancake/omelette hybrids are increasingly easy to get hold of. Sho Foo Doh’s version is packed with soft cabbage, spring onions and ginger, which are all held in place with a fluffy egg batter. Crisp slices of pork belly form an appealing outer layer, though they prove not to add much to the flavour and to push my chopstick skills to their precarious limits. A tangy brown sauce and mustard mayo are just the drizzles it needs, though, and bring everything together into a very satisfying lunch. Now we just need to give it an abbreviation so that we can get our mouths around the name as well.

Sho Foo Doh
★★★★✰   £££
Currently servic at Pacific Social Club Thu-Sat, but check @shofoodoh on Twitter



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