Breakfast at 8 Hoxton Square, Shoreditch

8 Hoxton Square, London

This is the new sibling of my very favourite London restaurant, 10 Greek Street. And now I don’t know which child to love more, because it has inherited all the same desirable genes; friendly, attractive, intelligent and good at sports (probably). I ordered from a breakfast menu that was more tempting than a free tuck shop and more middle class than kiddie yoga, with its duck eggs, black pudding, ricotta and rhubarb. Not all at once.

Ricotta pancakes, breakfast, 8 Hoxton Square, London

Ricotta and buttermilk pancakes with rhubarb, pistachios and whipped butter (£8)

The crisp, golden pancakes were packed with creamy ricotta and light as an egg white omelette – in texture, not calories. The pretty pistachios were a bit wasted amidst all the excitement of some sharp, soft rhubarb and a slick of syrup. The whipped butter mostly got left behind, but only because nobody should eat a tablespoon quenelle portion of butter for breakfast, even if it does taste like it was created by otherwordly beings to make Zeus’ ambrosia a bit creamier. I suspect that you would never be served a dud meal here (which is what I have found at 10 Greek Street), and I look forward to becoming a regular. I hope that when I have real kids they can make food this delicious. If not, they’ll have to learn to love rhubarb for breakfast.

8 Hoxton Square
★★★★★   £££
8 Hoxton Square, N1 6NU, 020 7729 4232


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