The Grilling Greek at KERB

chicken souvlaki, Grilling Greek

Chicken souvlaki (£5.50)

Of all the wonderful ways to cook little chunks of meat, the charcoal grill has to be the most surefire delicious. It means instant flavour of the sort that you think you’ll get from the first £2.99 foil BBQ of the year, before remembering that they don’t even produce enough heat to melt the wax off a Mini Babybel. Which, by the way, I swear I managed to do on a radiator once.

The Greeks know how to grill, and the souvlakis served by The Grilling Greek from a truck at KERB UCLU hold juicy morsels of chargrilled chicken or pork which would put any British BBQ skewer to crusty-on-the-outside-pink-in-the-middle shame. The fresh salad and creamy tzatziki are also exemplary, though it was the pitta that really couldn’t be beat; the unpredictable but glorious cross of a naan and a scotch pancake. It is a great combination. Better, even, than Babybels and radiators.

The Grilling Greek
★★★★✰   £££
Often at Kerb, but check @TheGrillingGreek on Twitter


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