The best fried chicken in London (that I have tried so far)

Chicken bap, Spit and Roast

There are a lot of people who really, really love eating chicken, possibly even to the same extent that I really, really, love eating cheese. I never really got it; chicken is so often bland and/or dry and/or suspicious that mostly it should be avoided. But I cannot deny that the influx of posh fried chicken options is turning me, for their tasty wares – so juicy in the middle and so crisp on the outside – are intensely tempting. These are the best ones I’ve found so far:

Spit & Roast sells fried chicken baps from a van. Which makes it sound like the sort of food that gets served at a car boot, when in actual fact it is the best poultry sandwich you will find on the market, anywhere. The chicken is crisp and juicy in all the right places, with gently spiced batter and great wingmen in homemade coleslaw and Korean-style hot sauce. Read my review of this cock-of-the-walk here.

BAO London don’t even specialise in fried chicken but their twice-fried soya milk-marinated nuggets of juicy chicken thigh are a thing of glory. The meat is almost sweet against the savoury, crisp coating, and a garnish of spicy sauce completes each morsel beautifully. Get your hands on it from their BAO bar at Netil Market on Saturdays.

Lucky Chicken, fried chicken, London

Lucky Chicken’s tiny mash and gravy and delicious chicken

Burger maestros Lucky Chip proved they’ve got no beef with serving other proteins and rolled out a Lucky Chicken pop-up at the Grafton Arms in Kentish Town last year. Their side dishes needed work (and needed to be twice as big) but the chicken was an even more delicious and morally acceptable version of KFC. Which is obviously meant as a compliment. They usually have some chicken on their menu at the Sebright Arms.


It’s not fried, but Chicken Shop‘s rotisserie chicken is a treat to be reckoned with. But also it’s worth going there just for the apple pie.


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