Takeaway lunch from Boopshi’s, Fitzrovia

schnitzel roll, Boopshi's, London

Pork schnitzel roll (£4.50)

I didn’t finish this sandwich, and that hardly ever happens. I had high expectations, too, which only made the situation worse, but I’d have eaten dashed hopes. What I couldn’t eat was a bland, occasionally gristly layer of pork, which was coated in greasy, fishfinger jacket batter, the oil from which had seeped into the slightly dry, small white bun. The coleslaw I though might add enough freshness to get me through it turned out to be more calories than cabbage, so offered no respite from the feeling that I was coating my insides with fat. The schnitzel was not the schnack for me.

NB. I have heard good things about the food at Boopshi’s, so will probably still eat there one day. I just wouldn’t recommend the take out lunch.

★✰✰✰✰   £££
31 Windmill St, W1T 2JN, 0203 205 0072


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