EZ & Moss, Holloway

Cappuccino, EZ & Moss, Holloway Continuing the excruciatingly gradual gentrification of Holloway Road is the charming little vegetarian (and vegan-friendly) brunch spot EZ & Moss. It has all the first-world comforts a place needs to make you feel welcome before midday; a glass counter filled with homemade cakes, excellent flat whites, highbrow reading material and softly spoken, welcoming staff. And lovely interior design, but that’s an all-day prerequisite.

Eggs florentine from EZ & Moss, Holloway

Eggs Florentine (£6.50)

Our breakfasts were delicious, filling and beautifully fresh. I’d have liked a little more variation on the menu (and – let’s be honest – some bacon, but I realise this isn’t the time or the place), but fewer options means you’re more likely to quickly find your favourite. And my only other complaint is that the food was very slow, which is becoming a breakfast pet hate; if I’ve dragged myself not just out of bed but out of the house on a weekend morning, I don’t have much time before my rumbling stomach is mere atmosphere to my hunger-induced stormy mood. Clearly I need to breakfast before I brunch.

EZ & Moss
★★★★✰   £££
183 Holloway Rd, N7 8LX, 020 7619 9523


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