Nordic Bakery, Soho

cinnamon bun, Nordic Bakery, Golden Square

Cinnamon bun (£2.40) and cappuccino (£2.40)

I recently took a fascination with Scandinavia a little too far by watching series two of The Bridge in two days flat (if you haven’t seen it, watch it – better than The Killing). But a gentler way to indulge in clean lines and quirky characters (with fewer murders) is a little trip to Nordic Bakery in Soho, who serve all the rye, pickled things and pastries you’ll need to pretend you’re in the solvent but curiously suicidal country of your choice. I liked the laid-back feel to the place; an hour and a half after I bought my little tray of goodies I still felt I could stay there until close without putting anybody out. Good coffee helped to wash down the fabled cinnamon bun, which I found too dry, so by the end it was part treat, part chore. Good flavours though, and so pretty it could be a page three girl for the IKEA catalogue.

Nordic Bakery
★★★✰✰   £££
14a Golden Square, W1F 9JG


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