Mr Buckley’s, Hackney

Mr Buckley's brunch, Hackney, London

Potato and courgette rosti, bacon, avocado and poached eggs (£9)

Brunch can seem to me a rather unsettling social occasion, because it implies that it ought to replace both breakfast and lunch. But why should I drop from three meals to two just because I had a lie in? Luckily the brunch at Mr Buckley’s is tasty enough and big enough to be a worthy replacement for both, though there’s nothing to say you can’t still have afternoon tea or something later.

Crepes with bacon and maple syrup, Mr Buckley's, brunch

Crepes with bacon, walnuts and caramel sauce (£8 I think)

Trendy but unusually efficient staff bring good quality coffees and as much tap water as your previous night’s activities have made your body demand, and the atmosphere is calm but comfortable. And the food is very tasty: perfect runny yolks in the poached eggs; thick, flavoursome bacon; crisp but filling pancakes; beautifully ripe avocados; soft, interesting rosti. This isn’t the cheapest of morning meals, but you get more than enough food to warrant the cost. I can’t promise to get on board with brunch, but I can promise to go back to Mr Buckley’s.

Mr Buckley’s
★★★★✰   £££
277 Hackney Road, E2 8NA, 0203 664 0033


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