Wing Ting at Monikers, Shoreditch

Wing ting fried chicken, Monikers, Hoxton, London

Lemon and pepper (?) chicken (£6.50 for 5)

Oh, Wing Ting! You enticed me in with your varied menu and Twitter chat then messed up so fully that my opinion of you fell as swiftly as Icarus. Except that it wasn’t the wings at Wing Ting that failed. The chicken was good, the flavours about one third delicious, one third fine and one third uncomfortably unrecognisable. But the service was the very definition of bad to worse.

Well-meaning staff (who outnumbered the occupied tables for most of the evening, I’m pretty sure) were all fine until it came to actually bringing us things. Presented with two cocktails (spilt, from a bar 5 metres away) , we were told that one of them was ‘The Ting’, but not which one of them that one might be. At least we had actually ordered ‘The Ting’; when our chicken finally arrived (long after ‘The Ting’ had been drained), the waitress didn’t know which of the six flavours was which, apart from the ‘Thai Thai’, which wasn’t one of the six we’d ordered. That was a happy mistake, though; it was my favourite.

Wing Ting chicken

Not the foggiest.

As we were working out whether we were bothered about making our little wing bone towers any taller, we were brought the bill, which we hadn’t asked for. It turned out to be a matter of confusion, as a different table had requested theirs, and was followed by profuse apology, though we were less forgiving than we would be ordinarily as earlier a chap had sellotaped a number to the edge of our table because the staff were ‘getting confused’. Finally we finished, paying about half of the 12.5% service that had been added to the bill, before being stopped on the way out and accused of not paying enough to meet the total. We looked at the bill, pointed out the manager’s error, and left.

I really don’t relish writing this sort of thing, and normally would assume it was on off night, or that we were just very unlucky, but they’re three days into a week-long run – I can’t go back to check. I was a waitress for a long time. It is not hard to get the job done right. Our service at Wing Ting was simply not good enough.

Moniker’s seemed a cool venue though, and the music was ace.

Wing Ting
★✰✰✰✰   £££
At Monikers until March 2 2014, check their website after that


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