Savage Salads, Soho

Halloumi and chicken salad, Savage Salads, Berwick Street market

Large salad with halloumi and chicken (£5)

A casual passer-by on a Berwick Street lunchtime would be a fool if they didn’t wonder why all those people are queueing for half an hour to buy a salad in February drizzle. But said passer-by would be then be more of a fool to not join said queue, because a Savage Salad is the most satisfying and tasty guilt-free lunch a hungry a Londoner could wish for.

The cheery stallholders will load your lunchbox with a selection of salads involving healthfoods so exciting it’s like they looted Holland & Barrett. Seeds! Quinoa! Dates! All the nutrition zeitgeists are there, and tasting a whole lot more desirable than you’re used to. This is all drizzled with a sweet balsamic dressing and/or garlic sauce, and topped with warm chicken and/or halloumi and a bit of pitta. Whatever they do to the chicken means it’s possibly more delicious than the halloumi, which is a massive compliment coming from me. I don’t downgrade cheese lightly. And there’s no downgrading this lunch. It has no cons apart from the queue. And all for a fiver.

Savage Salads
★★★★★   £££
Berwick Street market every Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday lunchtime, but also check their Twitter for more


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