The Crown and Shuttle, Shoreditch

Beef wrap from Crown and Shuttle, Shoreditch

Roast beef and gorgonzola flatbread (£10 including chips and a pint at lunchtime)

This huge, attractive pub with its vast beer garden was always going to be a welcome addition to the typically overpriced and pokey Shoreditch line-up. It’s still overpriced, of course, but the only place within walking distance of Liverpool Street that isn’t is a Wetherspoon’s, and they don’t serve any draught porters.

The Crown and Shuttle’s food, though, is much better value than their booze, and remarkably interesting for a pub line-up. In the sandwich realm, instead of the usual unmanageably massive hunks of bread filled with dry proteins and cheap mayonnaise, they serve up homemade flatbreads packed with juicy, slow-cooked meats and punchy salad, with a generous bowl of crisp shoestring fries to really finish you off. The wrap (and it is just a wrap, despite it being kept under ‘Big Plates’ on the menu) was a bit under-seasoned, but the ingredients were clearly very fresh, and the crunchy greens made the rich beef even more of a treat.

No doubt the evenings and weekends here are a different story, but we spent a very calm, pleasant weekday lunchtime sat in the sort of furniture that your parents are always trying to get rid of, with the likes of Jonny Cash drifting from the speakers.

The Crown and Shuttle
★★★★✰   £££
226 Shoreditch High St, E1 6PJ, 0207 375 2905


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