10 Greek Street, Soho

10 Greek StreetI find myself recommending this place all the damn time; it’s so perfect. I love it so much I’m a bit scared of sounding like a creepy teenager with a shrine-inspiring obsession here, but rather than putting all those who I have to share it with in a Burn Book, I’m probably better off telling the world how good it is so that they open a second branch or something.

So basically 10 Greek Street is, like, totally the best ever. Their menu is packed with tempting combinations, and peering at nearby tables’ dishes will only make your decision-making more difficult, because everything arrives looking and smelling irresistible. As the dishes on offer change daily I won’t taunt you with meals past, but I have never eaten anything there I wouldn’t order again if I could. Often the dish is so good I would order it again immediately afterwards, but usually I’ve already asked for more food than one stomach should have to handle. And on that note, make sure you save space for the puddings and/or cheese.

And even besides the food being fantastic, they get every little thing just right. The location is off-thoroughfare but very convenient, and the no-bookings policy operates with the name-on-the-list-and-we’ll-phone-you system, which means a pre-dinner pint around the corner rather than a 40-minute wait in the rain. Complimentary bread is better and more generous than many portions I’ve paid too much for, the staff are exceptionally efficient and friendly in the most subtle of ways, and the prices aren’t low, but very reasonable for what you’re buying. I love it nearly as much as I loved Hanson in the nineties.

10 Greek Street
★★★★★   £££
10 Greek Street, W1D 4DH, 020 7734 4677


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