Capish? at The Duke of Wellington, Dalston

Capish? sloppy joe and taleggio bites, Duke of Wellington

Taleggio bites (£4) and Sloppy Joe (£7)

How do you make a good pub better? These days, the obvious answer is to allow a street food vendor to infiltrate it, because I’ve yet to visit a ‘residency’ that hasn’t made a pub more personable and desirable. The already pleasant Duke of Wellington teamed up with Italian-American street fooders Capish? way back in September, and the duo have stuck together ever since, so now you can get stuffed with tasty meaty cheesy things alongside sipping pints and wines.

I was greedily concerned that my (first ever) Sloppy Joe would be too little for dinner, and then realised that the pile of meat was far greater than that of your average burger. It was also rich with tomatoey flavour, and a little dry, but only in the bits that weren’t cloaked in thick, stretchy melted cheese, which were few. Conversely the pile of taleggio bites was very generous, and their crisp cases and molten insides are so more-ish that you’d better agree to share before they arrive. For the sake of your thighs.

★★★★✰   £££
119 Balls Pond Road, N1 4BL, 020 7275 7640


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