Kaffeine, Fitzrovia

Kaffeine ham and cheese focaccia

Here is one of those trendy guys that made me really love the fancy coffee shop makeover London’s had in the last few years. Because at first it looked a bit like all that would happen is we’d be expected to use crates as tables and pay more for a smaller latte because it had been labelled a flat white. But what happened was that we are now paying around the same for a better quality product served by individuals who give a damn about you enjoying their wares. And using crates as tables.

Coffee from Kaffeine, London

Kaffeine serves excellent coffee and really excellent sandwiches; my warm ham, cheese, tomato and rocket one was pricy but faultless (and massive), with crisp, fresh bread and fillings that are more Waitrose than Morrisons, if you get my drift. The staff are efficient, helpful and cheery, and the place is very handsome, crates and all. An example to hipster coffee shops everywhere.

★★★★★   £££
66 Great Titchfield Street, W1W 7QJ, 0207 580 6755


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