Abeno Too Okonomiyaki, Leicester Square


Osaka mix regular okonomiyaki, £12

Having omelette for dinner is often the result of not having the energy to go to the shop. At Abeno Too, they make omelette a more exciting meal than even fondue (the ultimate interactive dinner) by stuffing it full of veg, meat and seafood then cooking it on a hot plate right in front of your hungry face. It is then smothered in a rich teriyaki type sauce, Japanese mayonnaise and fish flakes which don’t seem to add much to the taste, but do flicker and melt in the heat rather beautifully. I went for the ‘Osaka mix’ of pork, kimchi and prawn, and while the cabbage got a bit lost in the midst of all the other excitement, the juicy prawns and crisp pork strips added an impressive mix of flavours and textures to the satisfying, eggy batter. Makes my usual ham and cheese creations look like bland, greasy disasters. So I’ll just have to eat out (even) more.

Abeno Okonomiyaki
★★★★✰   £££
17-18 Great Newport Street, WC2H 7JE, 0207 379 1160


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