Trailer Happiness, Notting Hill

Tea smoked duck at Trailer Happiness, Notting Hill
How good does a bar have to be to compensate the fact that it’s a themed bar? How about if it’s a themed bar where the theme is undeterminable? It’s a scale I’ll need to work on, but I do know that Trailer Happiness is a really nice little bar in a part of town that could do with more individuality. And while I am intrigued by the thinking behind the busty hula lady figurine in their doorway, I am also impressed by their beautifully made (and presented) cocktails and snacks.

This curious little place lured me in with a Time Out Card offer of 50% off food, and despite its dark interior and curious clientele, I found it charming. A barman with a kind face brought my delicious fruit cocktail to our table, and the fact it had a flower in the top made me forget, briefly, that it cost nearly a tenner. Our snacks were definitely no bigger than snacks, but the tea smoked duck slices were flavoursome and cleverly partnered with a gently mustardy sauce. The huge, crisp cassava chips were also very fine; marvellously light on the inside, and the perfect vehicle for the feisty jerk ketchup that came alongside them. Oh yes, we had a very nice time.

Trailer Happiness
★★★★✰   £££
177 Portobello Rd, W11 2DY, 020 73134644


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