Pelton Arms, Greenwich

Pelton Arms, Greenwich

Now that my age has advanced enough that I prefer to have a nice time than drink Jagerbombs, I am discovering how much there is to love about a really great pub. I love when they serve ales that are tasty enough to stop me ordering wine, and therefore stop me suffering as greatly the next day. I love when the staff are also having a nice time, and being as nice to me as they are to their regulars. I love pub games, board games and pub quizzes. Real fires and/or pub pets are as good as it gets. Good snacks at reasonable prices are also crucial, as they mean drinking sessions can be as long as you can still remember how to get home (if you time this right, this will be about 10pm, and you’ll get a sterling night’s sleep out of it as an added bonus).

cheeseburger from the Pelton Arms, Greenwich

Cheeseburger and chips (£8.25)

In case it’s not already obvious, The Pelton Arms has all of these things (apart from the pet I think, but maybe I’ll buy them a parrot for Christmas), and it is a lovely pub. I spent all afternoon having a nice time, drinking raisin ale (for £3.20 a pint, I think), learning to play darts very badly. A few pints in we tried some of their very British pub menu of things which often come from freezers but here are apparently homemade. The cheeseburger was big, tasty, not in the least bit gourmet and just what I needed. The only downside to this place is an upside in disguise; it’s a good 15 minute walk from Greenwich proper, which means it only contains people who really like being there. Anyone know where I can buy a parrot?

Pelton Arms
★★★★✰   £££
23-25 Pelton Rd, SE10 9PQ, 020 8858 0572


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