Kimchinary at KERB

Wraps from Kimchinary at KERB, UCL

Finally, a burrito that is packed with interesting flavours. Apologies to the many burrito fans who inexplicably delight in chomping through the bland mush that gets peddled from London’s many Mexican chains, but I have always found the wraps remarkable in their ability to taste vaguely of nothing. But Kimchinary have created a burrito that tastes spectacular. Probably because it isn’t a burrito, technically, but it’s similar in structure, and ought to make the usual sort redundant.

This champion wrap is stuffed with punchy kimchi rice; soft, slow-cooked shredded meat; crunchy salads and the perfect drizzle of creamy sauce to tip the combination into the realms of a perfect lunch. I tried the beef and pork versions (half and half, as seen in the photo – I’m not quite up to double lunch capacity just yet), and slightly preferred the sweetness of the confit pork belly alongside the bold kimchi, but they were both excellent. May the Korean burrito reign supreme.

★★★★★   £££
Often at KERB, but check the website


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