Dosa Deli at KERB

Paneer dosa, Dosa Deli, Kerb

I really love good vegetarian food, and I REALLY love cheese, so the paneer dosa from Dosa Deli was right up my street in concept alone. It took me a while to get to them, as they’re always parked next to burgers/fried chicken/doughnuts/more burgers, and my love for vegetarian food will always run away wimpering from a tussle with my weakness for fried food.

Eventually, though, I took the healthy option and watched in awe as my fresh dosa was cooked, filled with tactical sprinklings of a whole variety of colourful concoctions and expertly wrapped up into lunch, all in less time than you got in the Crystal Dome. Sadly the wrap was a little disappointing in taste; the paneer was more filler than flavour, and the delicious salads and sprinkles were a bit underseasoned, so their lovely spices got lost. But still, a satisfying lunch, especially when it’s the street food equivalent of the salad bar.

Dosa Deli
★★★✰✰   £££
Check their Twitter, but I found them at KERB


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