Breakfast at Dishoom, Shoreditch

Bacon naan, Dishoom Shoreditch

Bacon Naan Roll – £3.70

The bacon sandwich, is my humble opinion, the ultimate breakfast. I don’t usually consider going out for breakfast tempting enough to make it worth changing out of pyjamas, personally, but Dishoom is one of the places that makes the morning cut, for they achieved the impossible: they improved the bacon sandwich by creating the bacon naan roll. Soft but strong naan bread wraps up a layer of meaty, salty bacon, sweet, tangy tomato sauce, a slick of cream cheese and a little coriander, and the result could solve any hangover or lift any sleepy lid.

Omelette from Dishoom, Shoreditch

Bombay Omelette – £5.90

On top of this irresistable start to the day they can provide richly comforting chai tea, and a host of other wonderful food options that are excellent but mostly not quite as good as the bacon naan. And rather than being squashed next to a big, sweaty window in a caff with decor that is more outdated than your Mum’s taste in pop music, you can lounge in the comfort of Dishoom’s open-air verandah. I feel refreshed just remembering it. The only negative I have to let you know about is that our food took a good half hour to arrive, which is a long time to wait on a totally empty stomach. But hey, the longer it takes, the more time there is for lounging.

Dishoom, Shoreditch
★★★★✰   £££
7 Boundary Street, E2 7JE, 020 7420 9324


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