Chicken bap from Spit & Roast

Chicken bap, Spit and Roast
I have come to understand (mostly through late-night, inebriated ‘tests’) that fried chicken can actually be totally amazing. The thing is, when it’s daylight hours and I’m sober, fried chicken grosses me out. What is lurking under that golden greasy layer? Battery farmed bird bits, that’s what. But with this new wave of gourmet fried chicken, I can put my squeamishness behind me and tuck into juicy, crispy, organic poultry.

Spit & Roast van at KERB UCLU

Spit & Roast’s chicken bap is absolutely delicious. The moist thigh meat is flavoursome and thick enough to give good bite, but thin enough that you get a generous proportion of glorious outer layer. Not as heavy as batter, more substantial than seasoning, this stuff did wonders for the meat, and was partnered by punchy but not angry Korean hot sauce and a layer of crunchy, cleansing slaw. All enclosed in a gently sweet, perfectly soft sesame bun. God it was good. And only a fiver. Now I just need to eat more of it so that I never even contemplate gross fake KFC ever again.

Spit & Roast
★★★★★   £££
Often at KERB, but check their Twitter


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