Salento Green Life, Goodge Street

Focaccia from Salento Green Life

On yet another quest to find a lunch that might help me fight a gently lingering hangover, I took a punt on Salento Green Life, a Goodge Street Italian Deli that serves what looks like excellent pasta and pizza and freshly made filled focaccia to take away. This absolute monster of a sandwich was as big, possibly even bigger, than my face. And I have a really big face. It was filled with whichever meat, cheese and salad I fancied from the counter; in this case a smoky pork neck ham (the name of which I have already forgotten), stracchino, rocket and tomato. The bread was soft in the middle and crisp at the crust, and almost too oily, though this suited my state. £5 is a lot for a sandwich, but I was full way past 6pm, which is miraculous for a post-wine day. It was probably thanks to the generous helping of ham. And oil.

Salento Green Life
★★★✰✰   £££
51 Goodge Street, W1T 1TG


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