Dinosaur cake

Dinosaur cake, dinosaur birthday cake
I had to top the rainbow cake I made a few months ago for a 25th birthday. What’s better than rainbows? DINOSAURS! So a Hummingbird Bakery recipe carrot cake (and a lot of green cream cheese icing) became a dinosaur cake. He looks a bit too jolly because the first version – yellow eyes and no smile – looked like it was going to spit poison into somebody’s pint.

I used one full quantity of the carrot cake recipe and two of the cream cheese icing, and followed the picture on this lovely blog post, though with one deeper cake split in half for the body and two sandwich tin-sized rounds for the other bits and pieces. Behold, the naked dinosaur:

Dinosaur cake instructions, dinosaur cake pattern
Then it’s just a case of flexing the sort of art skills you thought you left behind in Year 6. Make sure you have plenty of icing, and plenty of sweets so you don’t have to do too much piping. This guy’s gravel is Rainbow Drops, the spots are white chocolate buttons and the spines (spikes? triangles) are cut from a sheet of white chocolate that I’d melted, spread out and chilled in the fridge. And peanut M&M’s are more colourful than Smarties so make better eyes. If only I had had some of these amazing biscuit cutters to make some additional dinosaurs with…

3D dinosaur biscuits, cookie cutters
And here’s the finished item, lurking in the fridge.

Dinosaur cake


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