Scotch egg and sweet potato fries from Scotchtails
Apparently Fortnum & Mason invented the scotch egg. The most amazing thing about that fact is that anyone is owning up to thinking up such a snack, because while they are undeniably delicious when done well, there is definitely something innapropriate about embellishing an egg with a deep-fried sausagemeat sack. But hey, it happened, there’s no looking back, and the picnics of Britain will forever be all the better for it. Scotchtails specialise in scotch eggs, which is wise because they make the best I have ever tasted.

Soft, fresh egg with a perfectly runny yolk nestles in succulent, flavoursome sausagemeat nest and a crisp coating that somehow avoids being greasy despite having just been boiled in oil. And as if that isn’t enough, Scotchtails have decided that the best thing to serve alongside scotch eggs is sweet potato chips, which is also wise because these are a flavour and texture sensation I never thought sweet potato capable of. Exceptionally tasty. The full, silky flavour of the potato is held in by a light, crisp, perfectly seasoned coating, and I could eat them with every meal, ever. I wish I was still eating them now.

★★★★★   £££
Berwick Street, but check their website


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