Big Apple Hot Dogs

Big Apple Hot Dogs

You can get these bloody everywhere now, which is absolutely great. Everything that is upsetting about the cheap, street meat cart sausages that get peddled outside Tottenham Court Road Primark after dark is well and truly missing from these magnificent hot dogs. Crisp, greaseless casing, quality meat packed with flavoursome seasoning, soft, fresh buns and juicy, rich onions. And branded condiments that we know and love. Heinz ’til I die. A Big Apple hot dog could cure the worst hangover, satisfy the most extreme sausage craving, fill the emptiest stomach, and nearly always offers you change from a fiver (though it is creeping up, damn them). It is a super dog.

Big Apple Hot Dogs
★★★★★   £££
Cart lives at 239 Old Street, EC1V 9EY, Tues-Fri daytimes. Also available in many pubs and at lots of food markets – check their website


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