Piccolo Forno, Soho

Prosciutto crudo pizza, Piccolo Forno, St Anne's Court
That quote about pizza being like sex because even when it’s bad it’s good is totally true. There is no way to screw it up. Even white toast with ketchup and melted cheddar is dead good, and that’s surely as drunk and lairy as pizza can get? The pizza at Piccolo Forno is far from bad, and very far from cheese on toast. I loved the crunch of the freshly baked base and the generosity of the toppings, even though the hunks of prosciutto crudo were a bit of a challenge to chew through. The flavours were perhaps a little on the bland side overall, and I’d phone my order ahead next time to reduce the wait, but at £6 for a pizza and drink at lunchtime this is a satisfying midday meal in loads of respects.

Piccolo Forno
★★★✰✰ £££
9-12 St Anne’s Court, W1F 0BB


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