The North Pole, Islington

The North Pole, islington, pulled pork
Among the many factors that make The North Pole one of the best pubs in London is its affordable, delicious and dependable food menu. This here pulled pork bun, with its soft, fresh brioche bun, restrained (in a good way) BBQ sauce dressing and rocket will set you back just ten pounds. Including the chips (which are exceptional) and crunchy, homemade coleslaw.

The other factors, in case you were wondering, range from an impressive selection of cask ales and craft beers to the fact it has a little nook for its pinball table. And the lovely garden. And the friendly but not unnervingly cheerful staff. Oh, it’s just a really great pub. Go there early so you can stay there for hours.

The North Pole
★★★★✰   £££
188-190 New North Road, N7 1BJ, 020 7354 5400



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