Yum Bun, Old Street

Yum Bum bento box, gyoza, gua bao

Portobello mushroom and pork belly buns in the Yum Bun bento box

Yum Bun’s home has been knocked down! Check their website for where to find them while they’re on the move

Ever since I took a chance on a bun from BAO London, pillowy taiwanese snacks filled with savoury glory have been all my stomach can rumble for. I’m surprised I haven’t found myself trying to midnight feast on my actual pillow by mistake. Yum Bun, who started out selling from a van and have now settled in a teeny outlet near Old Street roundabout, were the obvious next stop, and they’re every bit as loveable as I’d hoped they’d be.

Chicken and salmon Yum Buns

Chicken and salmon Yum Buns

Four different fillings bring a bit of variety to proceedings, and not one was a dud. The spiced chicken with crunchy, light tartare sauce and the juicy portobello mushroom with walnuts and miso options were the stars for me, but the salmon and pork versions were also truly tasty. Special mention also goes to the gyozas which come in the bento box: the very best I have eaten. Crisp where they should be and plump with flavour. Despite being a girl who almost excluisevly wears florals, I find the name a bit cloying, but have managed to get over it by imagining someone from Sesame Street invented it. It makes the whole visit more magical. Feel free to do the same.

Yum Bun
★★★★✰   £££
31 Featherstone Street, EC1Y 2BJ, 07919 408221


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