CUTS by Forza Win and The Ginger Pig, Hackney

pork rib eye at CUTS

Pork rib eye with slow-cooked Italian beans and lardons, grilled bitter treviso and panzanella

There are fews ways to spend an evening more enjoyable than an excellent dinner party, one with great company, incredible (ideally too much) food and loads of wine. Forza Win have got the art down. Their new venture, in which they have created a meat lover’s dream feast with the help of some spectacular cuts of meat from Ginger Pig, sees them make themselves at home in an old pickle factory in Hackney. They’ve got a massive wood-fired grill, a massive scaffold plank table and a massive amount of enthusiasm. And CUTS is a massive success.

CUTS wood fired grill, Ginger Pig
Your ticket for the evening includes a spritz (you know, the prosecco-based Berocca-orange Italian tipple) to get you going, then four courses of really, really good food. My favourite, despite never normally going wild over pork, was the first (pictured up top), a succulent hunk of meat with rich, tomato-drenched Italian beans which couldn’t mean Heinz if they came in 57 varieties. The rosemary, pea and marjoram puree that came with a soft lamb neck fillet was also very special, and good grief, the beef. 80-day aged Longhorn rump with parmesan polenta croutons, wild mushrooms and confit garlic cream was every bit as flavoursome and comforting as it sounds.

CUTS supper club table
Thanks to well-developed pudding stomachs we managed to stuff in a lavender pannacotta with rhubarb compote, too. Brave, I know. And Climpson & Sons coffee is a big help when trying to get up from the table at the end. There was plenty of food chat, and admiration of their purpose built table, but the star of CUTS is the meat, which is as it should be. £40 a head is a lot to spend on dinner (before you’ve even had a drop of wine, especially), but if you’re feeling flush enough, go for it. This meat feast really makes the cut. Sorry.

CUTS by Forza Win and Ginger Pig
★★★★✰   ££
The Pickle Factory, Hackney


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