Mother Flipper at KERB King’s Cross

cheeseburger from Mother Flipper, London

Another day, another juicy, flavoursome burger for London’s meat sandwich addicts. And I sure as hell am not complaining, because Mother Flipper’s offering is full on delicious, with its soft, light bun, generous patty, crunchy pickles and Crayola yellow cheese. I bravely shunned their candied bacon only because it was a hot lunchtime and it seemed unnecessary, but still regret that days later.

Possibly the only thing missing from Mother Flipper’s line up are some flavour combinations to write home about, since you’re never more than a twenty minute queue away from a cheeseburger in London these days, but what they lack in silliness they make up for in taste, and I know which one is more important.

Mother Flipper
★★★★✰   £££
KERB, King’s Cross and various other locations – check @motherflipperuk on Twitter


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