Polpo, Covent Garden

Speck, scamorza and asparagus pizzetta from Polpo Covent Garden

Speck, taleggio and asparagus pizzetta from Polpo Covent Garden

Now that the Polpos aren’t the place we must all be seen to be eating and therefore you don’t have to loiter at their door for 45 minutes for the pleasure of eating on a bar stool, there’s nothing not to love about them. They have a varied but consistently delicious menu of Italian dishes which are all tempting enough to make you order at least one too many ‘small plates’, and prices are reasonable for the quality you’re getting. Thanks to the many more affordable options you can have what should really be described as a feast and still not wince at the bill.

As one of the original no-bookings/filament lightbulbs/staff with facial piercings restaurants, you might imagine that service could be a little dismissive, or the menu might be all talk and no bite, but this is a classy joint. I’ve never had anything less than helpful efficiency, and never waited for more than five minutes to sit down. And if you’re trying to keep costs down, get the piadina meatball smash. It is a plate of glory.

Polpo Covent Garden
★★★★✰   £££
6 Maiden Lane, WC2E 7NA, 020 7836 8448


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