Hops and Glory, Islington

Meat and cheese board from Hops and Glory

Meat and cheese board

Pubs can be such funny creatures. You can end up adopting one just because it turned up then three months down the line you discover that you couldn’t live without its mangy appearance and tired but bottomless cheer. Hunting down good pubs is hard work, albeit hard work that always ends with a pint, but when you find that charmer you were hoping for it makes getting lost on the way to whichever tube-less corner houses it all worthwhile. The Hops and Glory, on transport-awkward Essex Road, is totally worth the walk for its good beers, fun staff and excellent ‘snacks’.

Pickled egg, Hops and Glory

An impressively elaborate pickled egg

‘Snacks’ gets inverted commas because they’re a bit extravagant for between meals. But don’t let that stop you. The meat and cheese board (£10) comes heaped with rich goodies (and, for once, more bread and crackers than we could manage), with a choice of which you’d like from a selection. The trouble with this was that we didn’t get the ones we’d asked for, but we’d had a few pints by then so really weren’t that upset about it. The pickled egg (£1) came on its own board and with its own condiments. And why the hell not, eh?

Their drinks selection is full of interesting craft, ale and cider options, though bar prices aren’t as reasonable as the food. We spent a fun afternoon trying enough of them that we thought it OK to beg the bar staff into lending us pens to play consequences with. Glorious.

The Hops and Glory
★★★★✰   £££
382 Essex Road, N1 3PF, 0207 226 2277


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