Harringay Market, Green Lanes

Harringay Market
It’s all very well using your local butcher, having organic veg boxes delivered and buying eggs from the man in Nag’s Head market (niche Holloway reference – apologies), but what’s the point in being all ethical if nobody can see you doing it? Get your foodie self to a farmers’ market to buy the finest produce in full view of like-minded trendies.

Le Rac Shack, Harringay Market
Harringay Market is a source of fresh fruit and vegetables, meat, seafood, fancy eggs and plenty more. The ideal place to pick up this week’s Felicity Cloake-sourced shopping list. And while you’re there, you might as well stop for lunch with the likes of Pasta e Basta, Burger Bear, Capish and Alley Katsu.

Chicken katsu curry from Alley Katsu

Chicken katsu curry from Alley Katsu

Supplies start dwindling in the early afternoon, so don’t dawdle on your way over. Nothing worse than trekking across Finsbury actual Park to find Burger Bear Tom serving up his final bap of the day. And I speak from hungry, heartbroken experience.

Harringay Market
South Harringay School, Mattison Road, N4 1BD, Sundays, 11am-3pm


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