Netil Market, Hackney

Breddo's tacos beef brisket taco

Beef brisket taco from Breddo’s Tacos

Want to cure your weekend-morning head with snacks but retain the street cred that might be sapped should you be seen in a greasy spoon? You want a food market, my friend, one where the stallholders have either moustaches or bleached tips and it is possible to buy both ‘artisan’ coffee and ‘vintage’ jumpers of the sort your mum forced you into in the nineties. Netil Market is just that, with extra added east London in the form of a record stall, an antique camera stall, and a chap who fixes bikes in a caravan.

Fish burger from Fin and Flounder

Fish burger from Fin and Flounder

Every craving is catered for in the array of food stalls, and most have snack-sized options so the indecisive can try it all. Residents include Breddo’s Tacos, Fin and Flounder, BAO London and the mighty Lucky Chip. Once you’ve hunted and gathered your group can settle undercover on little tables and chairs that take you right back to your primary school’s summer fete.

Gua bao, pork belly dumpling, BAO London

Gua bao from BAO London

Broadway Market is always going to be the food market king of this corner of London, but Netil’s a very charming little alternative with far fewer crowds to negotiate, and (as yet) no damn buskers.

Netil Market
Westgate Street, E8


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