Gua bao from BAO London

Gua bao, pork belly dumpling, BAO London

It’s taken me about a fortnight and about three dozen pageviews to remember what these little pillows of delicious are called, and even now I can only type it, not pronounce it. But know that you must hunt down BAO London and get your hands on one, for this is the most flavoursome, interesting, moreish dish I’ve yet bought from the wave of London street food vendors. A mouth-like pocket of steamed dumpling with the soft, moist texture of a scotch pancake holds a heap of sticky, slow braised pork belly, pickles, peanut powder and coriander. It’s exceptionally tasty and only £3.50, which means it’s almost rude not to get two. 

BAO London
★★★★★   £££
Various locations including KERB and Netil Market, check @bao_London on Twitter


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