M&S Food To Go, various branches

halloumi sandwich, M&S food to go

Dining in M&S is a long way from some of my other Fancy Lunch options, but I felt obliged to put this here as it’s bloody tasty. The soft, gently sweet brioche roll (where do all these brioche rolls come from, I wonder? I have never seen one in a bakery/supermarket/weird corner shop where they even stock Lucky Charms) holds houmous, rocket, roasted peppers and massive chunks of crisp, soft halloumi. The other options are plenty meaty; I’ve seen beef brisket piled so high the bun couldn’t handle it. A fine specimen of a sandwich, only £4.95, and the fact that it was bought in M&S ups its (already considerable) middle-class quota, so you can safely sit on a bench nearby eating it and still be classy.

Food To Go, M&S Covent Garden (and others)
★★★★✰   £
107 – 115 Long Acre, WC2E 9NT, 020 7240 9549


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