Forza Win, Shoreditch

Forza Win sunshine on a Shoreditch rooftop

If I’d realised haw darn popular rooftops would end up this year I’d have picked a flat that was up more stairs, because when the sun is shining on London town, all we want to do is look down on people. If we can eat great food while we get high (up) then so much the better, so Forza Win is a summer-soaked treasure.

Forza Win rooftop pizza oven
As well as a lovely breeze and an excellent view, your ticket to the evening out includes an aperitivo (so classy), a starter of the creamiest ricotta, grilled courgettes, sourdough toast and relish, a massive main course, ice cream for pudding and some post-prandial entertainment to aid digestion. Which you will need, because I haven’t yet mentioned the pizza.

Pizza Pilgrims Nduja pizza Forza Win
This glorious stuff is created by the charming Pizza Pilgrims, and there is so much that even that jovial chap off Man vs. Food would be full afterwards. The idea is that you eat one piece from each (different) pizza they serve up until you’ve eaten the equivalent of a whole pizza and have tried the whole menu. Perfect for the greedy likes of me, who are eternally forcing friends to split meals with them under the guise of indecision, when really it’s because they (we) want to feel like they’re getting more food.

Forza Win view of the Gherkin
You will have a lovely evening, you will leave full, you will get to wear your sunglasses without looking like a dick. Loads of the dates are already booked up, but more are released each Monday for the week ahead, so you can still sneak in. Go on, be a Forza Winner.

Forza Win
★★★★✰ £££
Secret Shoreditch rooftop, 


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