Licky Chop, Climpson’s Arch, Hackney

Licky Chop at Climspon's Arch

I’m of the opinion that Lucky Chip‘s are among the best burgers in London. And I mourn the brevity of Lucky Chicken despite finding fried chicken a bit upsetting when found in its cheapest form. It was with joy (and a desperate, post-Field Day hunger) therefore, that I trekked over to London Fields to try out Licky Chop, their BBQ incarnation in the sunny yard at Climspon’s Arch.

Licky Chop menu at Climpson's Arch

And the food was excellent. There’s not a thing on that menu that isn’t intriguing, and everything we tried was absolutely delicious. More delicious than most restaurants manage in premises more substantial than a glorified campfire. So where’s the but? There was nowhere near enough of it. A borrower would go hungry on one of these dishes. 

Licky Chop lamb, yoghurt and tahini sandwich
Don’t describe a dish as a sandwich if it could be served as a canapé. The lamb, yoghurt and tahini sandwich (pictured above, though you got two of what you can see) was such a small portion that it really couldn’t even be a starter. The fact that it tasted fantastic only made the situation more painful. We didn’t ask the staff about portion sizes, admittedly, but it’s not fair to charge £7 for a sandwich and not mention that it would comfortably fit in your youngest cousin’s palm.

Licky Chop octopus, new potatoes and alioli
The octopus (above) caused similar distress. Sure, it’s an expensive ingredient, and I’ve never had seafood so intriguingly tasty, but good grief, give us some more food. There are two and a half new potatoes on that board, a board which set us back £10.

Licky Chop strawberry dessert
Pudding, brought out for free because the main courses for our table of six had taken between fifteen and forty five minutes to arrive, was also extremely good. But it took a further ten minutes, by which time we were googling our nearest Tesco for further sustenance.

Licky Chop pigs heads
I hope I’ve made it clear that the food could not have tasted better, but this is not the place for eating your fill, or indeed good value for money. Or for quick service. But it’s a glorious spot to sit in the sun and nibble on the best, most expensive bar snacks London has to offer. And it’s nearly payday, so… go for it.

Licky Chop at Climpson’s Arch
★★★✰✰ £££
Arch 374 Helmsley Place, E8 3SB, 020 7254 7199


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