A Little Of What You Fancy, Dalston

A Little of What You Fancy, Dalston

You’d probably never go into A Little of What You Fancy by chance. Partly because it’s not often that Londoners take an evening stroll past the kebab vendors, crumbling pubs and unlikely furniture outlets of northern Kingsland Road, and partly because even if you did you might not stop; it has no obvious sign, and look a bit crap until you really peer through the window. It took me ages to find it the first time I went and I had an address and a smartphone.

Rabbit leg in white wine sauce - A Little of what you fancy - Dalston

Braised rabbit leg in white wine, cream and tarragon with buttered mash – £14

But do brave the no-man’s land between Haggerston and Dalston to visit this absolute charmer. Friendly, efficient staff will bring you dishes that are adventurous enough to sound like they are bound to go wrong, but taste excellent every time. The prices are reasonable given how generous they are with their portions, and the atmosphere as comfortable as a cup of tea on your favourite sofa.

The Kernel Brewery Porter

The Kernel Brewery Export India Porter

Their seasonal menu changes all the time – no, really – but always features a good variety of interesting dishes. A good talking point for date night, a great way to impress food-obsessed visitors who expected a BYO Vietnamese joint, and respectable enough to prove to your Mum that the neighbourhood isn’t as scary as it looks.

A Little Of What You Fancy
★★★★✰   £££
464 Kingsland Road, E8 4AE, 0207 275 0060


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