BBQ Whisky Beer at The Wargrave Arms, Edgware Road

BBQWhiskyBeer porky BBQ burger

Eating at BBQ Whisky Beer is the food equivalent of watching a Michael Haneke film. At the time you really enjoy it, but immediately afterwards you feel some regret, and the wish to never repeat the experience. These meals are ginormous; the BBQ pork burger (pictured above) is a huge beef patty topped with a pile of pulled pork, streaky bacon, cheese, salad and coleslaw, and comes with chips. It tastes amazing, too, until about halfway, when you realise that everything on your plate is just a bit too greasy, right down to the cup full of chips so crisp they must have been fried at least three times, which makes your arteries creak a little.

BBQ Whisky beer fried chicken burger

The fried chicken burger is adorned with layers of jalapeno cheese sauce, sour cream and even nachos, making the first half excessively tasty, and then the rest upsettingly cloying. But perhaps those of a stronger disposition could handle the whole thing? If you consider all-you-can-eat buffets a challenge, get on over. If I went back I’d share, and have a perfectly nice time, but I also think I’d avoid it. If you get the chance to see Amour, do, but I won’t come with you.

BBQ Whisky Beer menu

BBQ Whisky Beer
★★★✰   £££
40-42 Brendon St, W1H 5HE,
020 7723 0559


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